Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to flirt with a girl on a bus

We all know that flirting is about showing mutual attraction through body language and verbal tactics. Alldough in theory, flirting seems easy as pie, we all know it's not.
I will teach you a simple flirting technique that you can practice alot, and get better at it every day. I realised we spend alot of time in bus stations and buses... Then I thought that flirting in a bus can be a fun way to enjoy the ride. It's always awfull to go to work in a crowded bus filled with people that you don't know. Is it that bad? If you're in a crowded bus, then you can have eye contact with at least 20 people. Most importantly is for you to find a good place to be able to see almost everyone in the bus. Those few seats that are placed in front of the bus and face all of the other seats are just perfect for your purpos. The attitude that you have to have is a liberating one, as if nothing could surprise you and nothing can upset you. Look around for two minutes and select interesting girls that you like. It remains only to determine which of them are willing to respond to eye contact. A two second glance for each of them should be enough. Repeat this glances jumping from one to another, and focus on your secure and calm atitude. You can even think about the fact that you are an attractive guy just enough for you to get your face expresion right. Among the girls you have chosen is impossible not to be a few who noticed your glances, and among them is imposible not to be at least one girl to respond with a similar glance. It is likely that the similar glance is because of the instinct of imitation. For this reason you'll look elsewhere, or simply give the impression that you looked at someone else. It is possible that this girl will start watching you using her peripheral vision. It is important to look in her direction, but not directly. This way she will feel your eyes and be puzzled when she looks and realize that no one was watching her. The subconscious of this girl will create some internal conflict about your person, basically because the second time that she looked your way and thought that you will be cought in the act, she actually wanted that. SHE WANTED YOU TO LOOK AT HER!!! If you are able to start her wondering why she wanted that, then she will start checking you out and try to catch your eyes. It will be almost like she was the one that started flirting. This will be your real advantage in the fallowing glances. This techinique must be rehearsed because is easy to screw up. You can easly upset girls by stearing at them, and you don't want that. You must be able to see the "no" or the "yes" in their eyes. This is my technique, it works for me and I can flirt in any bus if I want to. Hopefully it will work for you too. So...good luck!
P.S. Alldough this technique works just fine, this is not the way I met my wife that I love and respect very much! You know what I mean ;)


  1. Very interesting and lovely post.

  2. Yeah but then how do i approach?

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