Thursday, December 13, 2012

Self confidence

I know it's hard to build your self confidence, or at least it seems hard in the begining. Here's how I know you'll belive me when I say you can have the girl of your dreams. Remember just the other day when you went to the park and saw a very beautiful girl holding hands with a short fat guy? Well I saw this kind of couples alot and I know you saw them too. Maybe the guy in your case was slim and short or tall and fat or very very ugly. In any case you would think they don't match. You thnk "Maybe he has alot of money". Why you think that? Because money give you ... self confidence. But you can gain that without so much money.

You wouldn't believe how attraction works. Well... easy. Girls look for confident men who belive in their own strength and seductive powers.

When you want to appear confident in your seductive powers you need to have that written all over you and also readable in your body language. It's more of a feeling then a tehnique. Fortunately there is a easy way to do it. And here it is: Every time you look in the mirror you find yourself NOT-(sexy, attractive, f***able, kissable, etc). Everyone feels in a different way. You need to take the "NOT" out and repeat the other word. Say again and again "I am sexy", "I am sexy" or "I am attractive", you know better.  

I was explaining in a previous post how to flirt with a girl in a bus. I'll use the same example. You'll go with the bus and repeat yourself that you are sexy or attractive and not only you will notice your behavior changeing but you will also feel the women looking at you differently. Why? You will start sending that message you repeat trough your body language, your smile and your amused fearless glances (that is how I can describe the attractive new you). You will notice that your body will change its language. You will start to behave like the person you want yourself to become. That will give your self confidence. You will be able to sit up more straight and also you will not avoid eye contact anymore. You will be attractive.

There it is. That is the secret. In less then a page. Don't waste your money on stupid guides that will teach you stupid techniques that will make you feel more unsecure and your body language look very fake. That scares most of the girls of. I dare you to try my experiment and please feel free to comment bellow about the result. 
And remember there is one dream girl for every self confident man. You may be bald, fat, short or ugly, but you may also gain self confidence and find the girl of your life.

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